Abanazar – Charlee Prentice


Aladdin – Josh Raine


Doner – Hannah Norman


Shish – Libby Brewer


Genie – Bradley Dry


Guard – Beau Lawson-Syer


Jenny – Lynne Main


Jasmine – Alex Barron


Soapy Sophie – Taylor Fitzpatrick


Sultan – Ben Lee


Sultana – Leanne McDermid


Widow Twankey – Daryl Quick


Wishee Washee – Aidan Dunlop



Guard’s Assistant

Samuel Briggs (Team 1)

Jonnie Dewing (Team 2)



Team 1 (Principal Dancers)

Elisha Hurst

Amelia Stratton

Ella Bass

Emily Woodford




Team 1 (Babes)

Erin Costello

Isabelle Cluskey

Edie Croombs

Libby Woodford



Team 1 (Inters)

Gabriella Gourlay

Ella Arnold

Amelia Lusted

Hermione Hearn




Team 1 (Seniors)

Gracie Jones

Olivia Selby

Lydia Ford-Whyte

Marly Page




Jemima Hearn (Babes - Team 1 Reserve)


Mia Chapman (Seniors - Team 1 Reserve)








Abanazar – Ben Lee


Aladdin – Ashleigh Hiscox


Doner – Izzy Stephenson


Shish – Eleanor Butcher


Genie – Hannah Norman




Jenny– Ashleigh Hiscox


Jasmine – Izzy Stephenson


Soapy Sophie – Olivia Selby





Sultana – Eleanor Butcher


Widow Twankey – Bradley Dry


Wishee Washee – Beau Lawson-Syer








Team 2 (Principal Dancers)

Grace Johns

Chloe Brant

Emily Ibbott

Megan Dunnage



Team 2 (Babes)

Isla Brant

Rachel Karlsson

Lucy Dixon

Clova Day





Team 2 (Inters)

Mia Morrish

Sophie Vaughan

Jess Lambert

Adelaide Joyner



Team 2 (Seniors)

Alice Bibb

Josephine Palmer

Lucy Brunning

Alyssa Bird





Megan Caine (Babes - Team 2 Reserve)




Carys Powell (Seniors - Team 2 Reserve)


Congratulations to everyone that has been cast in this year’s production. We had over 100 auditionees and the decisions were difficult, so a huge thank you to everyone who attended

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